What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is an opportunity to examine our lives with another, trained companion at our side. It is a ministry of listening to your experience, and to the prompting of God's Spirit at work in your story.


  • They long for a closer relationship with God and others
  • They are in a time of transition
  • Their idea of God no longer seems to work
  • They are sensing a calling to serve God in a new way
  • They feel spiritual "dryness" or "darkness"
  • They want to learn to pray or have a richer contemplative life
Photo by William Britten/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by William Britten/iStock / Getty Images

Benefits of Spiritual Direction:

  • freedom to explore life with God honestly
  • the gift of attentive listening and support
  • fresh ideas and images of God and ourselves
  • increased trust in God and in our own abilities
  • a safe place to welcome and process our own story

When we meet, we sit together in a quiet, peaceful place (either face to face, or virtually through Skype). I begin by lighting a candle to remind us of God's presence. Then we share a brief silence, which helps us quiet down and enter our time of attentive listening. After a prayer, we begin with a question: How is your soul? How are you experiencing God lately? What is on your heart? Then together we listen to your life, and explore how God is at work in your daily experiences.

In spiritual direction we talk about prayer, faith, and spirituality, yes; but also work, fender benders, that text message you can't stop thinking about, or the loaf of bread you baked from scratch. We explore the mundane and the sacred, believing that God is in all of it.

We subscribe to the Code of Ethics published by the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association.