Taking time away from our ordinary routines can open space for listening, reflection, and growth. Retreats, whether in solitude or in community, are a time to become more fully present to ourselves, to others, and to God.

Ben Barczi is available to facilitate a number of guided retreats, or to help your group design one to meet your community's needs. With more than a decade of experience, Ben enjoys creating sacred space where your community can experience rest and growth.

If you're interested in scheduling Ben for a group retreat, use the form below to get in touch. Thank you!

Some of retreats we offer include:

A Day of Silence

When were you last truly silent? We are bombarded by noise—music in elevators, phones buzzing, cars driving past, chatter and sirens. What happens when we slow down and quiet ourselves before God? What might we discover about the way we use words? What might we hear? This 24-hour retreat creates a sacred space for your group to enter silence together.


A DAY with God

Many of us long for a deeper sense of God's presence. Our lives seem so hurried, and we are often distracted. This 24-hour retreat is designed to introduce simple practices for being present to God: ectio divina (meditative reading), centering prayer, solitude and fixed-hour prayer.


Influencing for Transformation

Whether you are in a place of formal leadership or simply long to offer your gifts for the good of others, this retreat helps you begin to think carefully about leading others toward growth. We will explore questions like:

  • What role does a leader play in creating transformation experiences?
  • What are the barriers to transformation? What are the doors that lead to it?
  • What principles and processes help transformation happen reliably?
  • How do I apply these truths to the roles God has placed me in today?

This retreat is generally offered as a weekend (Fri-Sun), three-day format.