Daily Life

Examen (Daily Review)

Examen, or a Daily Review, is a prayer practice of looking at each day intentionally. This practice was developed by Ignatius of Loyola as a way to help disciples develop the skill of discernment. I daily ask myself questions about where I felt drawn to God, and where I hid from God. In this practice, I retrain myself to evaluate my activities based on how well I love God and others, rather than other standards. This helps me be aware of God’s presence and opportunities to love

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Fasting from Criticism

Generally, we associate fasting with abstaining from eating for a period. But a fast is simply taking a break or pause from something that we ordinarily do, in order to grow our sense of dependence on God and see things in a new light. This practice involves purposefully setting aside a period—usually a day—where we take a break from criticism. We don’t indulge in thinking or speaking negatively (even if we are right!). Instead, we open space to speak words that encourage, and think creatively about problems. One fruit of this practice is an increased ability to see other people (and oneself) with compassion

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Attending to Nature

Attending to nature is a practice of looking, as with new eyes, at the wonderful things God has made all around us, and enjoying the glory He has revealed in physical things. It is also an attempt to remember that physical creation is intimately upheld by God. By seeing the world we come to understand God’s character and His faithfulness, His love and also His power

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God Triggers (Practicing the Presence)

God invites us into life with Him, always. But we tend to be distracted, anxiously preoccupied with jobs, family, money, possessions, dangers and hopes. In the rush of life, we forget the one thing that matters—Him! This practice is one way to start turning our eyes toward Him throughout our day. The goal is not to make rules that burden us, but instead to create triggers that remind us of what we really desire, so that the sight of beauty, pain, or another person becomes an instant reminder that God is with us.

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