Generally we think that a life of discipline must mean drudgery, painful practices and boring, empty motions. But this is not so! Spiritual practices are a way of experiencing the truth of the Gospel—that God is good, forgiving, present, and has done everything needed to secure our joy in Him forever! An approach to spiritual practices that does not give birth to joy is empty and entirely unbiblical.

Celebration is a central practice of the Christian life because we have very, very much to rejoice in! God is constantly providing good things for us, both magnificent and simple. Relationships, sunrises, birdsongs, forgiveness, coffee, careers, friends—all come from the hand of God!

Celebration is a very serious practice. It is not a superficial time for having fun “just because.” It is the intentional pursuit of a deep recognition of God’s goodness, through meaningful, weighty expression of joy. That’s not easy! It takes thought, care, planning, time. But intentional celebration gives us a deep sense of God’s goodness. 

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